Monday, November 23

Cruising Norway’s Fjords on Electric Jetboards: See Fantastic Video

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Here’s something you probably haven’t seen before: A pair of adventurers cruising through the icy fjords of Norway on electric jetboards. Boards on the fjords. Take a look at the video below, it’s terrific.

The electric-powered jetboards are made by Radinn, a Swedish company that was started in 2013. The name says it all: Radical Innovation.

To promote its boards, the company has tested them on the canals in Amsterdam and off the beaches of the Dominican Republic. It went to Norway, in March, because that’s where they could find the highest-latitude body of water that wasn’t iced in.

The boards top out at 35 mph and a battery charge lasts 35 minutes, although an optional long-range battery pack lasts 45 minutes. That was more than long enough for the members of Radinn’s promotional team, who spent three days in Norway filming on different bodies of water. The team wore 70-mm thick neoprene wetsuits.

The boards pack away into big duffle bags for carrying. Underway, you control them with a Bluetooth-enabled, handheld throttle. Because they’re electric, they are almost silent underway, and they leave no carbon footprint.

Radinn makes two models of the jetboards, with three electric jetpacks and two battery pack options. Prices  range from $7,500 to $10,000. The boards don’t require any maintenance; you just wash them off with water. See the video below:




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