Sunday, September 20

Now: Social Distance on Your Own Luxury Island Privè

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Here’s a new way to practice social distancing – or just have some fun on the water. It’s called Luxury Island Privè, and it’s an inflatable that you can anchor in calm water just about anywhere.

The Luxury Island Privè (pictured at  top) is made by the Italian company Yacht Extension, and it lets you create your own oasis to sunbathe on soft cushions, relax in a pool with a net protecting you from jellyfish, have a relaxing drink at sunset, or simply get away from it all. When you’re done, roll it up in its own container and take it to your next destination.

Yacht Extension was founded by Alex Barone, a former world champion offshore racer who wanted to slow down a bit. The company makes inflatable platforms for yachts, resorts, and beach clubs all around the world.

The extensions for yachts come in several different sizes. A Light version expands to eight square meters, and does not have a pool. A larger version has a surface of 12 square meters, and does have a pool, plus accessories including sun shades, cup holders, an ice bucket and custom canvass.

The extensions are all lightweight and stable. You can walk on them. Once deflated, you can store the larger ones in a covered box. A large-yacht version works from a custom opening on the vessel’s swim platform or garage and can hold a crowd (see picture above). Read more:























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