Thursday, October 1

New 150-hp Evoy Pro: World’s Largest Electric Outboard

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Evoy, an innovative Norwegian company, is developing a 150-hp, all electric outboard, the largest electric outboard in the world.  Evoy is working with two other companies, Hurtigruten and Frybendø Marine, for the new outboard, and will be testing it this fall with hopes of introducing it to the market early next year.

Started in 2018, Evoy has already developed inboard electric propulsion for commercial boats, going up to 800 hp. Now it’s turning that technology to the outboard market.

The new zero-emissions Evoy Pro 150-hp outboard is built to be installed on Hurtigruten’s smaller tenders. It is specifically designed to fit a Zodiac Milpro MARK 5 RIB, which is standard for many exploration cruises in the Arctic.

The Evoy 150-hp electric outboard will weigh 330 pounds. A comparable 150-hp Yamaha gas outboard weighs 478 pounds. The Evoy will work with 25kWh battery packs that can be installed in series or parallel.

The Evoy Pro outboard will ship with its own controllers, battery management and an electronic dash with 10- or 16-inch screens. They will display weather, nav, WiFi, trip monitoring and battery charge information.

Evoy is not stopping at the 150-hp size. Indeed, it is working on two much larger outboards to be introduced in 2023. The largest will have 450-hp continuous power, with more at its peak.

The Evoy Pro 150 will cost more than a comparable conventional gas outboard. But Evoy says that commercial operators will break even at about 350 hours of operation, based on current fuel and maintenance costs in Norway. Read more:


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