Sunday, January 17

BMW Making New 300-hp Diesel Outboard with OXE

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BMW is working with OXE Marine to produce a co-branded 300-hp diesel outboard. OXE, a Swedish outboard company, already uses a BMW six-cylinder, bi-turbo diesel engine for its OXE300-Bison outboard. Under a new agreement, OXE said it will work with BMW to deliver the co-branded 300-hp outboards as “products of unprecedented power, reliability and endurance.”

OXE also said it would continue to produce its 200-hp outboard through next year, based on a GM motor, but it also will test a marinized BMW powerhead as the same time to see if it can produce enough horsepower and torque while meeting emission standards.

OXE plans to increase production for the outboard market, which is growing rapidly around the world. OXE diesels use a belt-drive system that the company says is more durable than bevel gears used by other companies and transfers torque more efficiently to the prop.

Under the new agreement, the BMW logo will be displayed on the side and rear of the 300-hp outboard’s cowling. OXE says the goal is “to develop the overall sales and marketing initiatives with the focus on the premium quality aspects of the product.”

For its part, BMW was happy to be getting back into the outboard market. “OXE Marine offers the BMW Group a chance to re-enter the marine business after several years of absence,” said Uwe Breitweg, BMW VP. “We therefore decided to take up the challenge and support this outstanding development project transforming a BMW 6-cylinder automotive diesel into an outboard engine.” Read more:








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