Sunday, November 29

Russian Hackers Shut Down Garmin Flying, Fitness Programs

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You couldn’t make these names up, but it turns out that a Russian group called Evil Corp. and its subsidiary, WastedLocker, managed to shut down some Garmin flying and fitness programs last week.

For a few days, pilots who use flyGarmin were not able to access up-to-date aviation databases, as required by the FAA, and thousands of runners and cyclists around the world were not able to access Garmin Connect.

Earlier this week Garmin, the GPS giant, was able to get a decryption key to start to bring its services back on line. Some reports said that Garmin had been asked to pay $10 million to get its systems up and running again.

Sam Curry, the chief security officer of Cyberreason, a cybersecurity company, said the ransomware attack was “the corporate equivalent of a heart attack.”

Bleeping Computer, a cybersecurity news site, said the malware came from WastedLocker, using a program that scrambles its targets’ data. WastedLocker is tied to Evil Corp., a Russian cybercriminal organization. The U.S. Treasury brought sanctions against Evil Corp. last December for its role in using malware to steal more than $100 million from banks and  financial institutions.

In a statement, Garmin said, “We have no indication that any customer data, including payment information from Garmin Pay, was accessed, lost or stolen.”  Read more:



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