Monday, September 28

New Desalinator Delivers Fresh Water. See Video Taste Test

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A new tech startup based in Dubai and London is starting production of an innovative handheld, manually-operated desalinator that weighs only 1.5 pounds and costs about $70. It turns seawater into fresh water in just a minute. (See the Taste Test video below.)

The desalinator is called Quench Sea and it’s made by Hydro Wind Energy. In trying to finance the desalinator, the company passed its crowd-funding goal by 700 percent.

Quench Sea can make up to three liters (about 0.79 gallons) of potable water an hour. It uses a reverse-osmosis membrane that can produce 4,700 gallons before it needs to be replaced. A filter replacement costs only $10.

You operate the unit by a hand or foot pump, and it removes salts, parasites, bacteria and viruses from the sea water. It’s designed as the ultimate survival tool, and certainly would be a likely candidate for a ditch bag.

Hydro Wind Energy will donate a new desalinator to parts of the world with poor access to clean water for every Quench Sea it sells. The goal is to donate 100 million units by 2027.

Lee King, the founder and CEO of Hydro Wind Energy, said, “As well as being an ideal survival tool for adventurers, Quench Sea can be delivered at scale in a humanitarian crisis. Every unit sold will help get one of these devices into the hands of charities focused on water scarcity and distributed to where they’re needed more.” See the video and read more:



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