Monday, September 28

Williams Gives More Power to Its Minijet 280 Tender

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William Jet Tenders just announced that it’s giving more power to its new Minijet 280 tenders, which are designed for boats from 40 feet and up, although they’re fun as a second boat or sport boat in their own right.

Starting with the 2021 models, all Minijet 280s will be powered by a 60-hp BRP Rotax engine; previous models have been powered by 45- and 50-hp engines. Top speed with the 50-hp version was 38 mph. Williams also has upgrade kits for existing owners of Minijets who want to move up to the 60-hp version.

The move to extra horsepower was designed to make the tenders more attractive for watersports, as well as to provide a little more zip in moving around a harbor. “This is something we have been discussing with our network and customers, and the feedback was that everyone wanted a little more power to really make the most from their watersports activities,” said Mathew Hornsby, sales director of Williams Jet Tenders.

Minijet 280 tenders are 9’ 2” long, with a beam of 5’ 1”, and they weigh 465 pounds. They can seat three people, and they’re highly maneuverable and fun to drive.

The Minijet is Williams’ smallest tender; their largest is the Evojet 70, a 23-foot tender with a diesel inboard and seating for 13. Williams was founded in 2004 in the U.K. Read more:






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