Monday, September 28

Croc Races Boat: See Video

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Here’s a fairly frightening story about a crocodile racing next to a powerboat in Australia from See the video:

An incredible footage of a tiny crocodile racing along the speedboat like a dolphin has caught the attention of the internet. Almost 4.5metre long, the saltwater crocodile named ‘Tommy’ was filmed by a North Queensland fisherman on the Bloomfield River who said the little crocodile didn’t seem ‘very happy’. Shared by the page named Gators Daily on Twitter, the 13 seconds footage originally shot by Alec Dunn, shows the miniature reptile pop besides Alec in Queensland’s Cape York, as it dipped and reappeared, with swimming patterns like that of a dolphin. Alec confirmed to the local 7 News broadcaster that the dolphin-like marine creature was the saltwater crocodile that he was familiar with, who lived in the Bloomfield River north of Cairns and is seen usually jumpy and racing up in the water.

The croc is barely 3.5-meter teeny tine sized and it cruised right next, Dunn said in the local media reports. Further, the Commercial fisherman said that the reptile was bigger than the boat he was sailing in and is known for “eating all the dogs” in the area near Wujal Wujal Aboriginal community. He said that the locals named it ‘Tommy the Tank’. Dunn said that the crocodile did growl and swam underneath his boat and these creatures, while they seem normal, can be game-changer. Tommy was a bit too close for comfort, Dunn said. He revealed that the Australian river had other two bigger crocodiles named Max dominant male, but shyer than Tommy.


“Omg, that’s scary! What if the boat hits the poor croc and cuts him on the motor blades!?” A user wrote. “It’s moving at a good rate of knots, and a good size too,” another commented. Although, a Northern Territory-based crocodile hunter Mick Pitman told 7NEWS that the crocodile was swimming as fast as approximately 10 knots (18.52kph) on the water. He has only come to take a look, Pitman said, adding, it’s the mating season too and therefore it’ll just stop, have a look, see what the threat is and keep on going.



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