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Cruising in Maine on an Outer Reef Yacht

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Owners of Outer Reef Yachts are an adventuresome sort; they also know how to take some terrific pictures. Here’s a story, from Outer Reef, about what you can expect from a cruise to Maine.¬†

If your summer cruising itinerary includes a visit to Maine, you’ll discover the true beating heart of this culturally fascinating, beautiful state. As the most northeastern state of the U.S., Maine is known for its dramatic, rocky coastline. Dubbed “The Pine Tree State,” the forests that cover much of the 400 km of coastline make for an impressive cruise.

The dramatic landscape has been preserved in the many parks and reserves, and the history of its rich culture is readily experienced in the daily life of the local, making Maine a destination unto itself. With plenty to see and do, your Maine itinerary might begin in Newport and finish in Maine, or you could easily spend an entire three weeks in Maine without ever having to retrace your steps – there is simply so much to see and do.

Maine vacations are all about immersing yourself in the great outdoors, from fishing its abundant waters to hiking its miles of fantastic terrain, and savoring the changing colors of the fall form the most unique perspective – the deck of your private yacht.


Fabulously foodie – home to some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants – and practically bursting with gorgeous vintage and collectibles boutiques, Maine is both sophisticated and cosmopolitan without losing any of its quaint, Old World charm.


The most popular waterfront towns include Portland (left), with its cobblestone streets and delightful shopping, and Bar Harbor, with its yacht club and croquet matches out on the front lawns of elegant New England summer homes. The nearby Western Promenade stands on one of the many bluffs, showcasing fantastic views of these Victorian-era houses, all the way to the rivers and mountains.

These are the spots to sip iced tea for hours, and enjoy a juicy Maine lobster with freshly squeezed lemon and ladles of melted butter – an iconic local delicacy. Along the waterfront, old warehouses of the port have been converted into stylish restaurants where you can watch the evening skies turn red over the islands in the bay.

Maine’s coastline and countless islands also offer some beautiful and remote hiking along rocky beaches and wooded trails, often with a spectacular ocean view.



Larry, Curley and Moe, Holbrook Island Sanctuary, Maine. Photo by Miles Cherkasky

Several of Maine’s islands are part of Acadia National Park, preserved as nature created them and protected from future development. Don’t forget to enjoy the activity from your private ¬†yacht, either, as traditional lobster boats and clamming boats ply their morning routes in search of the day’s best catch.



Outer Reef 610 Motoryacht Sandana anchored near Snow Island, Quahog Bay, Maine. Photo by Dan Kirsch


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