Saturday, January 23

Dramatic Video Shows Spanish Police Chasing Drug Smugglers

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The Spanish police arrested five alleged smugglers after a five-hour, 100-nm chase in the Med, taking dramatic video pictures from their helicopter as the men tried to escape, throwing cubes of a white substance, thought to be hashish, into the sea. You can see the video below.

“Do you want to see what the chase on the  high seas was like?” the police asked in releasing the video. “More than five hours and 100 nautical miles.”

The chase started when the National Police in their helicopter saw a 45-foot speedboat, with twin 300-hp outboards, about 80 nm off the coast of Cartagena in southeastern Spain. They said it was a “narcolancha,” a speedboat typically used to smuggle drugs. They thought it had picked up drugs in Morocco and was heading for Valencia.

They then followed the boat, taking video, as the men waved at them and dumped bags overboard. After five hours a Spanish Customs Surveillance patrol boat intercepted the speedboat. The five men were arrested and police found 66 bags of hashish on board, weighing in at about two tons, plus sat phones and computers. See the video here:




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