Saturday, November 26

Nordhavn Building New 625 and 71 Passagemaker

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Pacific Asian Enterprises, the parent company for Nordhavn, just announced that it is building two new models, a Nordhavn 625 and a Nordhavn 71.  The 625 is a variation on the current Nordhavn 60 hull, while the 71 is designed as a completely new, contemporary option for buyers in the 65- to 75-foot range.

In the past few years, Nordhavn has experienced considerable success in moving the hull sizes for its various models forward; onward and upward. By refreshing existing hulls, the company is able to introduce updated, modern hulls.

The new 625, for example, is based on the popular Nordhavn 60, and will use some of the production techniques that have worked well in smaller models. Jeff Leishman, Nordhavn’s co-owner and design chief, saw a way to improvise on the 60’s hull; it has enjoyed sustained success starting with the Nordhavn 55 and is the basis for the 63. All told, more than 100 of the hull’s three iterations have been sold so far.

“It’s been a solid performer for us,” Leishman said. “I believe doing an update would provide us with another outstanding derivative.”

In the 625, the flybridge will be larger, the windows in the cabins will be larger, and the foredeck will have more seating. “It will feel lighter and brighter and give a sense of a bigger boat,” he said. Like the 60 and 63, the new 625 will have three cabins – two below and one behind the wheelhouse.

The new boat will use some of the production techniques used in the 41 and 51, which are built in Turkey, and it will not be as customizable as the 60 and 63. It will be built by South Coast in their new Taiwan yard, and will cost about $2.5 million.

For its part, the 71 is a totally new boat, designed to be an elegant, contemporary, state-of-the-art passagemaker. It’s built for owners who want a boat in that size range, but who want to run the boat themselves

The 71 is available in two layouts: a three-cabin version with a skylounge, or a four-cabin version where the additional cabin replaces the skylounge. It will have sleek lines and an advanced level of engineering, a result of Nordhavn’s in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics program.

The 71 will have ocean-crossing capability and will be built to strict CE Certification standards for offshore use. The boat will be built at the Ta Shing factory in Taiwan, and will cost about $5 million. Read more:







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