Sunday, May 9

Octopus Attacks Man in Australia. See Video

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An octopus attack? Who knew?

Lance Karlson, an Australian geologist, was walking on the beach in Geographe Bay, a snorkeling spot about 140 miles south of Perth, Australia. He was looking for a place to swim with his two-year-old daughter.

Then he saw something leap out of the water. Karlson thought it was a stingray, and then realized it was an octopus. He  started filming it.

The octopus would have none of it, and it lashed out at him in shallow water before it swam off.

A little while later, Karlson was swimming nearby, looking at some crab shells. He felt a whipping sensation across his left arm, and then a second strike across his neck and upper back.

He later told CNN that it probably was the same octopus and that he had come across its home. The water turned murky with what he thought was octopus ink; octopuses squirt an ink-like fluid when they feel threatened.

Karlson headed back to shore. An imprint of an octopus tentacle appeared on his neck and back.

He rushed back to his hotel room to find something to put something acidic on the wound. All he could find was Coca-Cola. His wife poured it over his back, and the pain went away. See the video here:



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