Wednesday, December 1

Vision Marine Starts Selling 180-hp Electric Outboards

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Vision Marine Technologies in Canada just announced that it will start selling its new E-Motion 180, the most powerful electric outboard in the world, on May 1. You can reserve your new outboard on its website,, with a $300 deposit in bitcoins, Paypal or Stripes. Then you will get your outboard within the next six months.

The E-Motion 180 delivers the same power as a 180-hp combustion engine. It provides 650 V and is paired to a 60 kWh lithium battery. Vision Marine Technologies, formerly the Canadian Electric Boat Company, is a high-tech builder, just north of Montreal, and it says it is the only electric outboard manufacturer to use lithium and the only one to offer a long-duration warranty.

“We finally achieved the balance we sought between power, functionality and autonomy,” said Alexandre Mongeon, the CEO and co-founder of the company. “We have surpassed our expectations in every aspect.”

He said that with the E-Motion 180, the company has reached the tipping point in the development of electric-powered boats. Now that the outboards are for sale, he says, “we are formally ushering in a new era in the recreational boating experience.”

Vision Marine Technologies says it “strives to be a guiding force for change…by disrupting the traditional boating industry with electric power.” It says the E-Motion 180 is “the first electric purpose-built outboard powertrain system that combines an advanced battery pack, inverter and high-efficiency motor with a proprietary union assembly between the transmission and the electric motor design utilizing extensive control software.”

Electric outboards produce no emissions, no noise, odor or smoke and the company says they result in a 90 percent reduction in fuel and maintenance costs compared to traditional gasoline outboards.

The company also makes five models of electric-powered boats from 15 to 22 feet. It has a partnership with Tourism Quebec and Transport Canada to provide up to 15 electric boats for a rental and water taxi business along the waterways near Montreal. Read more:









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