Friday, August 19

KVH Launches New, Faster, Mobile Connections

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Here’s some good news from KVH for better and faster cell service wherever you’re cruising this summer, including up to 20 miles offshore. KVH just introduced its TracPhone LTE-1 Global, a compact new antenna based on LTE advanced cell technology that extends the range for mobile connections in more than 150 countries around the world.

The new LTE-1 Global is faster than the previous 4G LTE and includes a high-gain dual antenna array, a modem, GPS, and Wi-Fi router in the dome. This means you can surf the web, hold video conferences, post on social media, enjoy streaming video and music and browse your email from your boat.

You’ll have faster streaming with your onboard connections with integrated LTE-A enhanced cell technology, plus much longer range than ever before. The dual LTE-A antenna has a stronger signal with service up to twice as far offshore as previously on your cell phone.

The new TracPhone LTE-1 Global has automatic switching between leading regional and local LTE cell providers around the world. And it offers Wi-Fi connectivity for the many devices you have on board, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and more.

KVH offers the new service starting with a $99 a month airtime data plan, with options to add more. Read more:




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