Wednesday, December 1

Cox Tests 300-hp Diesel Outboards on Axopar 37

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Cox Marine just tested its V8 300-hp diesel outboards on a new Axopar 37, and the results were impressive.

Cox, a British company, worked with its German distributor to test two new CXO300s on the Axopar, built in Finland. In trials in Lymington, UK, in moderate sea conditions, the Axopar topped out at 41 knots at 4,000 rpm. In subsequent trials in calm conditions on the Mosel River in Germany, it topped out 46.3 knots at 3,900 rpm.

In the past few years, the Axopar 37 has become a popular boat in both Europe and the U.S. Here, it’s usually equipped with twin 300-Mercury gas outboards, with a top speed of about 47 knots.

After the new European tests, Cox said its diesel outboards offered about a 25 percent greater fuel efficiency and a service life three times longer than comparable gas outboards.

The Cox outboards on the Axopar transom were noticeably larger than gas outboards, and at 839 pounds each, they generally weigh more too. Cox developed its outboards from scratch for marine use, with a vertical driveshaft that connects to a 90-degree transfer case; it manages the high torque produced by twin turbos that are tucked down each side of the engine.

Peter Nauwerck, the managing director of Cox’s German distributor, said “the combination of the high-performance Axopar 37 and the market-revolutionizing CXO300 diesel outboard is attractive for many market segments, including the boat tender sector, geographical segments with a limited availability of gasoline, and also for those looking for a dramatically improved range.” Read more at and and see the video below:


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