Wednesday, December 1

Wellcraft Plans “Adventure Cruisers” with Outboards

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Many years ago, when Bob Long was running the company, Wellcraft was a powerhouse. It made everything from Scarabs (think Don Johnson in Miami Vice) to cruising boats to fishing boats. It had a strong dealer network, and a worldwide presence.

But times change, and Wellcraft’s fortunes waned. Then Groupe Beneteau bought the company in 2017, and now Wellcraft is poised for a resurgence.

Indeed, Wellcraft just announced it will make a series of “adventure cruisers,” starting with a 35-foot Commuter driven by three outboards. It’s scheduled to be launched in the U.S. next spring. Wellcraft sees a trend for commuter-style boats, but the new Commuter 355 will be wider, with a higher freeboard, than most boats on the market today.

After that, the company will launch an inboard-powered line that Nick Harvey, the Wellcraft brand director, says will be like a picnic boat “but with a modern twist.”

Wellcraft also will launch a new line of luxury center consoles to round out its new fleet. Harvey says “it’s all part of the adventure cruising umbrella.” We don’t have any more details right now. Stay tuned.


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