Thursday, June 30

Two Killed, Ten Hurt, in Crash near Miami

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Two people were killed and ten injured when two boats collided at night near Key Biscayne, Florida, the Coast Guard reports.

One boat was 21-feet long, and the other was 30-feet long; seven people were on one, and five on the other. All the people were in the water about one mile west of Key Biscayne when the Coast Guard and other boaters arrived at the scene about 10:30 at night.

Jose Hernandez, a Coast Guard spokesman, said, “They were all launched out of their boats.”

Xavier Ruiz, who was boating nearby at the time, told that he heard people screaming, in English and in Spanish. “They were saying they couldn’t swim and were asking for help,” he said. Ruiz called 911 on his cell phone and then tried to help, throwing a life jacket to a woman who was holding an infant and to a girl who couldn’t swim.

Coast Guard small boats from Miami Beach, a Coast Guard helicopter from Miami, and a boat from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue helped 10 people from the water, including two who were critically injured. The body of one person was recovered at the scene; a second body was recovered the next morning.

There was no information about how the crash occurred. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating. Read more:



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