Saturday, November 26

New Mo-Jet: Five Toys in One

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Choices, choices. So you can’t decide which water toy to take out today. Well, take a look at the new Mo-Jet and your problems are solved. It’s five toys in one.

Made in Germany with Kickstarter funding, the Mo-Jet is based on a modular system, so you can add, or subtract, modules depending on what you want to do. You can configure it as a stand-up board, a ride-on electric surfboard, even an underwater scooter. It has a foil, so you can fly. You just swap out attachments in seconds.

The Mo-Jet can be everything from a four-foot bodyboard to a nine-foot rescue craft. It has a beam of 1’ 9” and it weighs 86 pounds with its battery.

The Mo-Jet is powered by an 11kW waterjet that requires almost no maintenance, and it can run for 30 minutes. Then you can recharge it in 75 minutes. If you want a longer running time, you can buy a spare battery and swap it out. It has a remote control that you keep in your hand.

Top speed on the surface is about 35 knots. Underwater, 7.5 knots.

Read more at and see the video below (it’s fun):


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