Tuesday, October 3

Simrad Launches Faster NXS Operating System

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Simrad just introduced a new NSX operating system for mid-sized dayboats and center consoles with redesigned charts, its fastest routing ever, and seamless integration giving you more control of your boat.

The NSX system is meant to be user-friendly, letting you spend less time playing with the screen and more time enjoying your time on the water. It is smoother, faster, and more intuitive than previous versions. It includes a new activities bar, a reconfigured activities menu, and a fully customizable instruments panel so you can make the system work the way you prefer.

The new auto-routing is three times faster than before, calculating routes and automatically determining the smartest route for you to take, avoiding obstacles and hazards. It even accounts for tidal changes.

NSX is built to use the latest C-MAP, DISCOVER X and REVEAL X charts that are completely redesigned with more detail at all zoom levels; they even show one-foot contour lines. They also are enhanced for both day and night modes. The high-res charts let you zoom in and out with no blurring or waiting for the charts to load. And they have custom depth shading and high-resolution bathymetry.

The new system also provides for the next level of integration, connecting radar, autopilot, engines and entertainment. It also connects Simrad HALO radars and third-party technologies, including Mercury Smart Craft, Connect, CZone, and more.

Read more at http://simrad-yachting.com and see the video below:




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