Sunday, February 25

New, Cutting-Edge eVTOL for Yachts

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If you’re looking for a new way to get on and off your yacht (after all, helicopters are so déclassé – and noisy), or you just want the latest over-the-top high-tech toy, consider the new Acro eVTOL, just unveiled at the Monaco yacht show.

The eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) concept was presented by Klissarov Design, a studio on the French Riviera that specializes in pushing the boundaries of vehicle design. It developed the eVTOL specifically for the yachting market, where the demand for new adventures (think personal submarines, high-latitude expedition yachts) has been growing lately.

Weighing just 400 pounds, the Acro is classified as an ultralight; you don’t need a pilot’s license to fly it. It uses artificial intelligence to provide a seamless and safe flight. It doesn’t have any bothersome pedals, just two joy sticks, enabling the pilot to select different AI-assisted flight modes.  Cruising speed: 63 mph.

The Acro is a one-passenger vehicle. The pilot enters from a seamless front door and then wears a structural harness. It uses cutting-edge technology for a full 360-degree thrust vectoring and maneuvering so it can land, theoretically, on a yacht in almost any weather and sea conditions. It also has an ballistic parachute in case of an emergency.

The airframe is 3D-printed; it’s a compact 12’ 6” long, 13’ 1” wide, and 5’ 2” high. The electric motors make almost no noise, and you can recharge the battery using a “dock-in” charging point at the bottom of the Acro.

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