Sunday, February 25

ePropulsion Unveils New 3 New Outboards

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ePropulsion just announced its full lineup of X Series electric outboard motors, running from 12kW to 40kW of silent and eco-friendly power.

The three motors in the series are the X12, generating 12kW of power; the X20, for 20kW, and the massive X40, for 40kW. The X40 was unveiled at the recent Fort Lauderdale show. It weighs just 218 pounds, considerably less than a comparable gas outboard, and its modular design takes up less room on a transom than a traditional outboard.

 ePropulsion says the new outboards are designed to improve the boating lifestyle. “With the advanced X Series, we deliver more than electric propulsion,” said Dany Tao, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “It’s an intelligent and integrated platform accessible for consumers and OEM clients, ensuring a quieter, cleaner boating experience.”

All three outboards deliver a powertrain efficiency of 88.2 percent, according to the company. ePropulsion designed an algorithm for the propellers using 20 metrics for optimal performance. And the X Series uses frequency-resonance isolation and vibration-dampening technology for a quiet and vibration-free outboard.

Each outboard weighs up to 36 percent less than traditional motors, ePropulsion says. They all combine steering, power trim/tilt, the electrical control unit and the controller in a single unit, taking up less space in the boat and making installation easy.

A digital helm and smart throttles provide immediate feedback, and state-of-the-art features including Position Hold, Heading Hold and 360 Motion are all options. The ePropulsion Connectivity Service lets owners stay connected to their boats remotely, accessing real-time boat and systems status with sophisticated monitoring, reporting and tracking.

ePropulsion was founded in 2012. The motors are made in China.

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