Sunday, February 25

New eLite Electric Outboard: 14.7 Pounds

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ePropulsion, the major marine electric-propulsion company, just launched its new 500W eLite electric outboard motor at the Düsseldorf show.

The new eLite is compact, less than three feet long, and lightweight, coming in at just 14.7 pounds, including the battery. It’s designed for the tender, RIB and smaller boating market, offering clean, quiet and eco-friendly propulsion. It has a direct-drive motor and an advanced propeller design, and it requires very little maintenance.

Danny Tao, co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion, called the new eLite “a game-changer in marine propulsion. With its innovative features and commitment to sustainability, we believe the eLite will redefine the eco boating experience for enthusiasts worldwide.”

The new eLite is designed to be an easy-to-use alternative to small gas outboards. At its half power of 250W, it has a running time of 90 minutes, a top speed of 3.7 mph, and a range of 5.6 miles. At its full power of 500W, it has a running time of 45 minutes, a top speed of 4.7 mph, and a range of 3.5 miles. An optional 750W Sport Mode boosts the top speed to 5.2 mph.

You can charge it in about four hours using 110/220V AC, 12V DC, or solar with ePropulsion’s optional converters. It comes with a USB-C output so you can charge other electric devices.

The eLite is easy to store and carry, and you can mount it on a transom with a one-click, quick-release bracket. The tiller handle converts to a balanced carrying handle.

The outboard has many trim and tilt angles, adjustable steering resistance and shaft length. Its Smart Battery Monitoring System regulates battery level, temperature and remaining charge. The eLite is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and costs about $1,000.

ePropulsion was started in China in 2012 and launched its first electric outboard two years later.

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