Sunday, February 25

Quick Introduces New Series of Stabilizers

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Quick, the Italian marine component company, just introduced its new Intercepta series of stabilizers at the Düsseldorf show.

Designed for yachts from 50 to 130 feet, the new Intercepta X Series of stabilizers can be fully customized to fit any model and hull shape. They are part of Quick’s MC² brand that includes Viator fin stabilizers and Quick gyro stabilizers. Quick already offers a plug-and-play series of Intercepta stabilizers for boats as small as 20 feet.

The new stabilizers come in four standard units, the X50, X65, X80 and X100, and the width can be customized to the centimeter. The position of the inboard-mounted motor also can be customized to fit each yacht.

“The X Series delivers another level of bespoke solution to boatbuilders looking for the very best and most advanced ride-control system,” said Lorenzo Mongiardo, the head of Quick’s R&D, “while the plug-and-play compatibility with the Seacentric system components and architecture means that a stunning level of intelligent ride control is instantly available.”

All elements of the system are available separately or combined: Viator fins for stabilization underway, Quick Gyros for stability at rest, and the Interceptas for controlling pitch underway.

They work with proprietary software that uses active algorithms to coordinate the response of each system – fins, gyro and Intercepta – for optimal comfort through both static and dynamic stabilization. “All the element parts of the system are engineered to deliver the best performance and to meet the demands of any shipyard” Mongiardo said.

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